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Pregnancy and Child Birth

If you’re worried or nervous about your ability to cope with your pregnancy and childbirth, then you’re not alone many women feel this way.

You might have heard scare stories about painful, long pregnancies, or seen women in agony on TV or grown up believing that it’s an excruciatingly painful experience, the chances are you’ve been affected and feel nervous and anxious.

You might have had the misfortune to have previously experienced a traumatic birth, and it’s natural that those memories can influence your feelings around future births. Fear can prevent us from allowing our bodies to give birth they way they’re naturally designed to – in a relaxed and calm manner. Fear can cause our muscles to become tense and makes childbirth a longer and more painful experience.


My aim is that you have the best possible pregnancy and birthing experience for you and your baby.

An experience where you feel confident and calm, and able to adapt in a proactive and relaxed way, no matter what kind of birth you want, or how that plan changes.

I respect your choices and decisions, whether you choose to have your baby at a hospital or home, with or without chemical pain relief.

Research shows that there are many benefits for mothers and babies including:

Shorter labour

Reduced pain

Less likelihood of medical interventions

Quicker recovery from the birth

Reduced rates of postnatal depression

Better ability to cope with the challenges of breastfeeding and sleep reduction

Better able to deal more calmly with their new baby

Feel connected with their baby throughout pregnancy

Feel more confident in their role as a new parent

Using a compassionate combination of hypnotherapy and NLP, I’ll tailor your sessions to your individual requirements, at a pace that suits you.

My aim is to empower and teach you everything you need to have a relaxed pregnancy and positive and comfortable birthing experience.

I’ll teach you –

How to overcome fears, worries, and anxieties

Learn how to let go of those negative thoughts and control your physical responses to remain calm

Self-hypnosis to help with delivery and labour

Pain control techniques for minimal use of medication

How to communicate your needs positively, and elicit the collaboration of your medical staff

Experience shows us that for most Mums a series of 4 sessions is the optimum requirement, and the earlier you are able to commence your sessions after the 4th month of pregnancy, the more benefit you will gain.

I’ll also prepare personalised hypnosis mp3 recordings for you to listen to in between sessions, so you can continue to install the techniques I teach you, and to relax and increase your confidence.

Partners are welcome to attend sessions if they wish to learn how they can support and contribute to the birth, or to have a session or two of their own to address their own reservations or challenges about the birth.

Please contact me by email or telephone to discuss your requirements.

Initial consultations are free of charge, and I shall be very happy to answer your questions in confidence and without obligation.


Hypnobirthing recorded package 

Welcome to the hypnobirthing program designed to help you ease your way through your pregnancy, and experience comfortable childbirth. 

I have produced these four powerful hypnosis sessions to prime your mind. These sessions are proven to help you feel more confident, focused, and calm throughout this beautiful journey.

Step 1: Embrace the Early Stages of Pregnancy

During early pregnancy, find a peaceful and undisturbed place where you can dedicate 20 minutes solely to yourself. It’s important to create this time to fully benefit from the sessions you have invested in. A great time to listen is before bedtime, and even if you drift off to sleep, rest assured that your inner mind will absorb the positive suggestions. Start by listening to the “Early Pregnancy Relaxation” recording as frequently as you wish.

Step 2: Embrace the Journey of Pregnancy

As your pregnancy progresses, continue to prioritize your well-being. Listen to the “Own Special Place Relaxation” recording whenever you need to mentally and emotionally disconnect from minor medical procedures, and interventions, or simply relax, connect with your baby, and release any worries or feelings of overwhelm.

Step 3: Empower Yourself for Birthing

In the last couple of months of your pregnancy, prepare yourself for birthing by listening to the “Hypno-anaesthesia Preparing for Birthing” recording. This session will teach you valuable techniques to control the sensations in your body, enabling you to diminish pain and create a sense of numbness. It will empower you emotionally and create a feeling of self-control as you approach the final stages of your pregnancy.

 Step 4: Cultivate Inner Confidence for Birthing

During the last month of your pregnancy, strengthen your confidence in your ability to embrace the birthing experience with joy and ease. Listen to the “Inner Confidence – Preparation for Birthing” recording, which is designed to instil positive beliefs about yourself and your birthing experience.

Remember, these recordings can be revisited as often as needed. They are not only beneficial for preparing for check-ups and medical examinations but also serve as a booster whenever you require additional support.

Warmest wishes

Sherree x